Bionas Signs Service Contract with Solvay Pharmaceuticals

Bionas GmbH, a specialist for in vitro profiling of cellular metabolic activity, announced that it has signed a service contract with Solvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH (Hannover, Germany). The contract covers the metabolic profiling of several drug candidates identified in the context of Solvay´s obesity research program. Financial details were not disclosed.

Solvay has selected the Bionas® 2500 analyzing system because it allows monitoring of both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) effects of drug candidates in different cell types thanks to a proprietary perfusion system. Besides the long-term observation of cells under close to in vivo conditions, the observation of regeneration effects is also possible.

"The Bionas instrument is a valuable tool for compound ranking and helps us select the most promising compounds for further development," says Dr. Michael Firnges at Solvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH.

The Bionas® 2500 analyzing system is a bench-top instrument that allows the simultaneous, label-free and high-content analysis of three metabolic parameters, such as acidification, oxygen consumption and adhesion of living cells. The Bionas instrument has been also se-lected by Solvay Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories (Weesp, Netherlands) for target validation studies.

Dr. Michael Schulze
Bionas GmbH
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