Bionas launches new product Bionas® 9600 adcon reader for impedance-based cellular analysis

Rostock/Barcelona: During the 12th International Congress of Toxicology in Barcelona/Spain (July 19-23, 2010), Bionas presents its new product Bionas® 9600 adcon reader for cell based label free detection of cell impedance in 96-well format.

The Bionas® 9600 adcon reader enables to real-time and label-free cellular analysis for applications in:

  • compound mediated toxicity
  • chemo- and radio sensitivity testing in oncology
  • drug discovery, drug profiling
  • GPCR assays
  • standardization and optimization of cell culture
  • quality control of cells.

The impedance technology allows non-invasive, label-free monitoring of dynamic cellular events in real-time for screening applications and laboratory research. The Bionas® 9600 adcon reader technology improves attrition rates, allows faster classification of leads and reduces time to market. Instrument key features:

  • label-free
  • real-time data acquisition
  • continuous measurement for seconds up to days
  • simple handling
  • easy upgrade to increase throughput in cell culture labs
  • HTS compatible.

Bionas® specializes in instruments and services for real-time and label-free cell-based assays. Its Bionas® 2500 analyzing system is a 6 channel system for the simultaneous monitoring of oxygen consumption, acidification and cellular impedance (adhesion/confluence). The instrument provides real-time data about the metabolic activity of cells, including regeneration effects. Adherent, primary or suspension cells can be analyzed for applications in toxicology, oncology and drug discovery.

Bionas® also offers GLP laboratory service to its customers.

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